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 Unforgettable Experiences

Since 2004 Bushlife Experiences organises exceptional and imaginative adventures, expeditions, travels and holidays in Africa. It explores different ways and different roads, away from the masses. For those who desire to go off the beaten track. Who want to see Africa though the eyes of an explorer and want to truly experience the beauty, people, culture, wildlife and endlessness of the continent.
Where possible, we drive through and stay in conservation areas, rural environment and national parks. Whatever we do we tail it to your needs and wishes. Always! Irrespective of it being a student trip or a luxury lodging experience. It is about you! Our recommendations are mostly based on our own experiences. We love Africa and spend a lot of our time there. That experience we like to share with you. 
After all, we want to create the journey of a lifetime… one that always stays with you.

Where to go?

So many options, so little time. The scale of Southern Africa is enormous and the scope of possibilities is wide. It is impossible to do everything and see everything in one trip. Come and meet us. We will share our experience over a glass of wine while looking at the map of Africa to find out what adventure fits you best.
As we do not believe in standard products you will not find detailed itineraries on this website. Call or send us an e-mail if you are interested to have a conversation about what we can do for you.


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Your comfort zone.

Together with you, we decide on the route and the timeframe, so that the adventure meets your personal whishes and expectations. Depending on those, you camp or stay in guesthouses, self-catering lodges, safarilodges or hotels. Varying from basic to very luxurious, yet always comfortable. We bring all the drink and food where required and the cooks to prepare it. We take care of the tents, the bedding and whatever else is needed so that you can relax and enjoy.